The Sweet Life Candies

Specialty Chocolates

Assorted Gift Boxes (Milk, White, Dark Chocolate)

Half Pound              $9.00
One Pound               $17.50
Two Pounds             $33.00

Assorted Gift Boxes (Sugar Free Milk and Dark Chocolate)

Half Pound               $10.00
One Pound               $18.50
Two Pounds             $35.00

Variety and Holiday Baskets Made to Order - priced accordingly

Molded Novelty Candy - priced by the pound

Assorted Molded Suckers

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties

Pecan Caramel Chocolate Rounds

Cashew Caramel Chocolate Rounds
Chocolate Covered-
     Gummi Bears
     Potato Chips

Trail Mix          $9.95 per pound

Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples

White Chocolate Covered Dog Bones
$.25 each

Old Fashioned Sea Foam-
Plain                           $10.95 per pound
 Milk/Dark Chocolate 
$17.50 per pound

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